Mediracer® NCS

Mediracer® NCS is hand held device for fast, cost-effective and easy diagnosis tool for measuring sensory and motor nerve conductions. Mediracer also offers an option for Consultancy Service which allows organizations to order diagnosis and gives doctors opportunity to diagnose patients locally. Yellow Factory supports the implementation of the device in the Netherlands.


The Ectosense has been developed by a Belgian company as a device to measure the number of breathing stops (AHI’s) in Sleep dyspnoea. The ectosense is a very comfortable and practical device to wear and is a cheap and high qualitative alternative for sleep analysis in specialised centers. By using the ectosense diagnosis of sleep dysnoea can be improved and provide earlier re-integration to work. Yellow Factory supports the implementation of the device in the Netherlands.


Yellow Factory participates in the Shoe-TIMeS (Shear force Textile Intelligent Measurement System) project. The Project is part of the Grant Scheme RAAK-MKB (‘the Grant Scheme’) according to which universities of applied sciences receive grants that enable them to conduct practice oriented research as a means for innovation of the professional practice and education.

The project aims to develop a wearable device that can continuously measure shear forces as well as pressure in all day life (ADL) activities. The idea is to explore the possibilities of intelligent textiles and wireless data transfer to develop a measuring device for shear forces in the shoe. The device will quantify shear forces and pressure and at the same time register compliance to wear of orthopaedic shoes.


Yellow Factory has developed a product for people with tension type headaches.

We designed the ePatch, an electric patch which has to prevent tension type headaches. A wrong posture of the shoulders is believed to be the main cause for tension type headaches. The ePatch is to make the wearer more conscious of their shoulder posture through myofeedback. This is done by measuring muscle tension using EMG electrodes. When the electrodes measure high tension feedback is given to signal to the wearer that they should relax. The project is funded by OP Oost.


For the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hand Osteoarthritis, focused on optimal hand coordination, feedback regarding the coordination of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles is essential.

We have developed a new device to provide this feedback, by means of pressure sensors attached to a cone that register and visualize the distribution of hand pressure on a screen: the E-cone. In clinical practice, the E-cone has been successfully used as a treatment device; patients can easily interpret the image on the screen, and use this as cue to improve their handgrip.